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We offer customized nutrition plans for athletes and individuals that aid in endurance, proper muscle structure, and overall wellbeing. Our aim is to build a complete nutrition plan that tackles all health and athletic goals. 

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Inna’s passion for cooking started in her childhood years. As she grew older, she became intrigued by healthy eating and went on to pursue learning the science behind nutrition. Inna became the family nutrition specialist, starting with customized meal plans for her husband, Alex Galchenyuk Sr., who at the time was a professional hockey player. Her nutrition programs ensure maximum energy while on the ice, as well as for pregame training, postgame, and off-season training. Now, Inna leads the nutrition regimen for her son, NHL player Alex Galchenyuk. 


Inna has decided to share her nutrition knowledge and tips with those who are looking to improve their overall wellness. She creates individualized and athlete-centric nutrition plans that aid in endurance, proper muscle structure, and overall wellbeing. Her food philosophy: “You are what you eat”.


In support of her husband’s professional hockey career, Inna was able to travel the world and experience various cultures and cuisines. Her nutrition regimens are inspired by international gastronomies reflecting her knowledge and passion for a healthy global cuisine. 

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